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A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury
The brain is made of soft tissue and is cushioned by spinal fluid. It is encased in the hard, protective skull. The brain can move around inside the skull and even bang against it. If the brain bangs against the skull - for example, in a fall on a playground or a whiplash-type of injury - blood vessels can tear and the nerves inside the brain can be injured. These injuries can cause a concussion.

Watch Closely
Anyone who has a head injury should be watched closely for signs of a concussion, even if the person feels OK. An undiagnosed concussion can put someone at risk for brain damage and even disability. So anyone who has any symptom of a concussion should be seen right away by a doctor.

Doctors now recommend these steps after a suspected sports concussion:

1.    The player should immediately stop playing or practicing.
2.    The player should get checked out by a doctor before returning to practice or play.

All injured body parts take time to heal, even brains. By resting and taking certain important precautions, kids with concussions usually recover within a week or two without lasting health problems.

Kids & Pros Comes to Bluffton

Our very own Keith Brooking volunteers at Bluffton's Kids & Pros clinic, teaching football fundamentals, and character development.

Over the past 16 years, Kids & Pros has crisscrossed the Southeast, traveling the region to teach proper football techniques and life skills training. In 2002, former Atlanta Falcon Buddy Curry founded Kids & Pros with the help of his former Falcons teammate, Bobby Butler. Kids & Pros is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation and character-based youth sports organization that engages retired NFL Players in their communities to teach football fundamental skills & character lessons to youth ages 7 - 13. The Kids & Pros football curriculum challenges experienced players while effectively introduces newcomers to the game.


" bring communities together through a series of week-long football experiences..developing character and skills through athletics"